Find Data Science jobs in New York City, New York!

New York City is a hub for data science and analytics jobs, with many companies in various industries seeking data scientists, data analysts, and other data-related professionals. The New York Metro region is often viewed as the second largest tech hub in the United States, behind the Bay Area.

The finance industry is a major source of data science jobs in New York, with many banks, investment firms, and insurance companies employing data scientists to help make sense of complex financial data. The city is also home to many media and advertising companies which also offer a range of data science and analytics roles.

Other industries that offer data science job opportunities in New York City include healthcare, retail, and technology. Many startups and tech companies in the city are also looking for data scientists to help them leverage high volumes of data. Top technology companies with a presence in New York City include Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter. Many home-grown startups in the city have achieved significant success, such as Etsy, MongoDB, and Datadog.

The job titles for data science roles in New York City vary widely. Common positions include data scientist, data analyst, machine learning engineer, and data engineer. Salaries for data science roles in the city are typically higher than the national average, reflecting the high demand for data skills in the area.

In addition to traditional corporate jobs, there are also many data science consulting and freelance opportunities in the city. Top companies and startups seek external experts to help them with specific data-related projects.

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About New York City

Map of New York City, New York, USA

New York City, also known as "New York", is the largest city in the United States. It is in the state of New York, towards the North-East side of the country. New York is a global hub for finance, culture, fashion, entertainment, and commerce. New York City has a population of over 8 million people and is in the Eastern Time Zone (EST).

New York City is home to an impressive collection of attractions and landmarks, from world-famous monuments to hidden gems tucked away in its many neighborhoods. Popular attractions include the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Empire State Building, and Times Square. These destinations are often featured in television and in movies and draw in tourists from around the world.

Despite its many attractions and job opportunities, New York City can also be a challenging place to live. New York has one of the highest costs of living in the US, and it is known for cramped, expensive apartment dwellings. Traffic in the city and surrounding areas is frequently in gridlock. The density of the population can also feel overwhelming to many people. However, for many people, the city's energy and opportunities are well worth the challenges.

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